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I trust Tomoko Auto Center to do the right job every time. I know I can bring any one of my cars here, and know the Tony is going to do a terrific job. The difference here is the service, I trust Tony like he's family, and he is always there to help me weigh out my options. I have recommended Tony many times to my friends. My mother has becomes a repeat client herself! Why can't more small businesses be like this!                     
                                                                                                        -Blake Jonathan
A friend of mine gave me Tony's business card after being scammed for the last time by my neighborhood repair place. Since I am unfamiliar with cars, and often rush to get things fixed, I always managed to get taken advantage of by scrupulous repair man. All I can say is what a difference!!! Tony has given me the outstanding service and quality work that I’m used to from a dealership. Tony really helps me understand what’s wrong with my car. I trust Tomoko to do the job right                                                                                           -Kristy Gomez
I ONLY bring my car to Tomoko Auto Center. Living on Capitol Hill, I couldn’t find a better general mechanic in Seattle. Tony is really funny and easy to work with. I always end up laughing when I call him, and leaving his shop with a smile. A nice change from the typical repair shop. A+                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Wendi Wade
Tomoko Auto Care Center helped me get my truck tuned up after an accident. These guys were done in no time, and I was back on my way. Will check out this shop again in the future!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     - Mariah Riley
TONY is your man! love this guy. went over to him to get small electrical fix-up. did it for me for free! coz i brought alot of people to him! highly reccomended. just ask and he'll do it for you! if the fixing is too expensive, he'll tell you to just forget about it. just dump the car and get a new one! very good man!               Ryan C
These guys are awesome. Honest, straight up, inexpensive. Tony was very nice, recieves phone calls after the shop itself is closed, and takes time to give you options and recommendations. In my case, he said not to put any more money into this car, the next time it breaks down tow it to a wrecking yard, due to it's age and mileage.  "We've got to get you a new car!" he said jokingly on the phone. Indeed, Tony; but until then, I'll just stay off the major highways and take my chances. Perhaps next time I can bring you a car worth working on. =)                                                                                                                                                            - Kristen M
I love this place!! I will take my car here to get everything done. Tony cares about you and your car and wants to make sure that you are happy with the work that gets done. He is super honest and isn't trying to scam you. He just wants your car to run well. I'm so glad I found this place!!
I've had 2 very good experiences with this Auto Mechanic - Tony (Tomoko) takes time to explain everything, is very friendly, and very efficient to have my car ready in a timely manner. Both times I was in/out in a matter of a couple hours, and I did price shop prices, he was comparable, very friendly, and when he didn't charge me for some minor work on my second visit, I knew he was also honest. I'm so glad to find someone I can trust with my car, and my money!
Pros: Friendly, Knowledgable, Reliable, Honest
Cons: none